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DIY: Funky Headphones

A quick DIY post for today, a nice idea to beautify your phone charger cable, headphones,...etc. It prevents the cable from twirling around itself and tearing over time, and the most annoying tangling of the cables around itself. It's one of the most frustrating thing to find the headphones all tangled up when you want to use.
In this DIY, if you have little helping hands around it would be fun!

Materials required:

Phone Cable/ HeadphonesPlastic BeadsSmall Scissors/ Crafter's KnifeTweezers (These are helpful to push the beads onto the cable)

 Slit the bead from one sideUsing the tweezer open up the bead and push it onto the cableUse any color combination you like and you're funky headphone/ phone cable is ready to brag about :)!
Here's my candy skull headphone looking as sweet as a candy :)! Yup, and that's my laptop too and I designed the skin for it...that's another tutorial coming up next, till then!! Take care and let me know if this has inspired you or if y…

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