Dec 8, 2013

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Kiwi has been removed from my lil princess list of fruits she eats. Once upon a time it had been her favorite but the irritating feeling that comes along having a kiwi had been one of the reason she doesn't like eating it. Saying that I had whole basket of kiwi in my kitchen and I wanted to finish it without it going spoilt.

Here's what you need:

Kiwi pulp strained from its seed
Lemon or lemon juice
Few mint leaves 
Mix all together and enjoy this soothing drink especially during summer hot days!!

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In wake of my prvious post on Places to Visit with the Kids in UAE, today I'll be featuring a guest post who had few more good points to share with you all on fun and Educational activities that Kids can do in Dubai.
In with me today is Calvin John Mcphee, he is an educational consultant by profession who specializes in teaching students who have learning disabilities, students who have behavioral difficulties as well as those who are seeking for a private secondary tutor. He spends his spare time researching and learning
different ways to broaden his knowledge and formulate innovative teaching techniques. He also has a strong passion for writing and he effectively shares his knowledge through it. He had help 
with this article from Mathnasium, the Math Learning Center.

Dubai is undoubtedly still one of the places in UAE and in the Middle East where businesses and other industries are thriving. And as such, more expatriates, along with their families, are expected to make a beeline towards Dubai to take advantage of numerous work opportunities made available.

If you are planning to move with your family to Dubai due to a better employment opportunity for you, there are several considerations you have to think about prior to coming here. These include finding a suitable place to reside in, good schools for your children, and available kids' activities in Dubai as well.
And of course, how the children will have fun and enjoy their stay in Dubai.Like adults who experience burnout from their jobs, kids can also feel fatigue from their chores at home as well as their schoolwork. Fun activities can provide them a respite from these. In addition, many of today's kids lead sedentary lifestyles which can contribute to the early onset of diabetes and obesity among them. Finding suitable children activities in Dubai can entice them to lay off their gadgets and the television even for a short while and engage in fun activities which involve exercising their young bodies.

Also, fun activities for kids can help young children to cope better with their being uprooted from
the culture and milieu which they have been accustomed to. If you find transplanting yourself to another country to be difficult, such can be doubly hard for kids who may have yet to develop healthy coping mechanisms. Additionally, such activities can also be a good opportunity to spend quality time with your family especially if you have a tight schedule at work. The following are some of the well-renowned places and activities in Dubai where the children and even the grown-ups can have fun.

The Dolphin Bay is a fun and interactive way to learn about the beloved aquatic mammals. Or if you are hankering for the winter season in your home country, you can have fun in the snow at the Ski Dubai located at the Emirates Mall. Children can also learn how to ski or snowboard from qualified instructors.

Can't decide whether to play in the water or in the snow? Why not try the Ice Land Water Park which deftly combines the thrills of both water and snow with its Polar Mountains, Arctic Waves as well as the opportunity to snorkel.

The Atlantis Palm Dubai offers fun activities for all the members of the family. While mom pampers herself at the spa, Dad can engage in various sports activities. The kids, on the other hand, can frolic at the waterpark.

Lastly, nothing is more important than providing children worthwhile activities and experiences where they can learn and still have fun. So if your child or children have a thirst for knowledge or want to improve his or her language, reading or math skills, nothing would be better than having them enrol on and take additional classes or workshops. And while the kid/s are busy learning, the grown-ups can have an additional hour or two to gallivant, relax, and have fun as well.

Thank you Mr.Calvin for your insightful post on how to have fun in Dubai.

Well then dear folks, till next time.

Nov 27, 2013

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And here I thought I was back normal at blogging and blabbering, and am more than two weeks delayed since my back to routine post!! How fast the time runs!!

Haven't been using my desktop for awhile, with all the latest gadgets and was on a break from my work too, so my internet surfing was mainly on iPad, what a gadget to kill your time when you turn into a potato couch!! :D!!

The past few months, we've been busy with my lil princess's cousins visit and we had a wonderful time together. And I thought as a warm up post I'll share with you some of the places we visited when they were around, and they're enjoyable for toddlers to kids till the age of 10 mostly recommended. So if you are in or planning to visit UAE, these are some places I would recommend for your tiny tots :)!!

Kidzania at Dubai Mall, is themed as a child-sized a complete city with a hospital, fire station, beauty salon, bank, radio station, supermarket, television station, pizzeria, theater, and much more. The 80,000 square foot city is scaled down two-thirds in height and therefore all facilities are designed to be 'just right' for children.. From police officer to dentist to journalist, KidZania Dubai offers over 80 role-playing activities in more than 60 establishments with a range of ease and intricacy to meet the abilities and interests of every child.
Kids work to earn kidZos, KidZania's own currency, so they can pay for goods and services in the KidZania city. Pilots navigate airplanes, television anchors read the news, police officers perform detective work and chefs cook up tasty food.

Dubai Dolphinarium at Creek Park, it is the first fully air conditioned indoor Dolphinarium in the Middle East with a temperature ranging from 21°c - 25°c. You are guaranteed to meet some of the most beautiful animals that inhabit our oceans and have lots of fun with them. The dolphin show is really amazing and interactive, as these cute creatures even interact with the audiences!!

Emirates Park Zoo, a place of fun, learning and adventure for the young and young at heart! Launched in 2008 as the first private zoo in the UAE, it is now home to a colorful menagerie of wildlife and an ever growing menu of features, attractions and interactive activities.Emirates Park Zoo is built on the promise that every guest will be able to appreciate the natural world all over again after a visit—taking home new discoveries, unique experiences and unforgettable memories.  The zoo offers an exciting concept where children can interact with many species by touching or feeding the many farm and wild animals that are housed at the zoo.
With a laidback and family-oriented atmosphere, the zoo is a place that inspires and encourages kids and adults alike to explore, have fun and stay connected to nature and wildlife.

These are the few places the kids enjoyed and had lots of fun. Just a note, the images and information shared with you in here are not my own,but have been taken from various sites, but somehow or the other its what I wanted to convey too.

Well then till next time....

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A while ago, I did a post for the blog anniversary series that Family Home and Life hosted. I am posting the tutorial here in case you missed it. 

Since the bubble of Pinterest, the vast ideas you get from there as well as the huge sea of inspirations that never ceases to bore you, there was one thing that have kept behind in my head that i need to try it out. What I am gonna share with you might be not a new but I hope you enjoy it!!

My IKEA lamp had seen good old days, the rice paper shade was getting old, fading and tearing up. I needed a solution to make a long shade for it and the yarn and balloon was the perfect, cheap and best.

I guess I am blabbering a lot in here so let's get into work, mind you this post might be heavily loaded with snaps :)

First lets gather the materials
fabric starch, I used revive starch, its powder that you mix it with water depending on the stiffness you need for your cloth
Yarn any color of your choice, I used dual coloured black and white yarn from DAISO Japan
Cling film

First try to make gluey instance by mixing the flour and starch along with the water, but not to thick, first time I had used white glue, but I found out using the mentioned above two makes the final product more sturdier and the light perfume smell of the starch is much better than the glue smell.

Soak the yarn into the glue mixture without opening or spreading the yarn out otherwise you'll end up with tangled yarn, until its totally soaked. You can always use a hand glove to be on the safe side :)!!

Cover the balloon with cling film, it will be easier when you pop the balloon or if you think of deflating the balloon and using it again, permitted the you didn't knot it too tight, like I did :D!! You must be wondering what is the orange doing in there? well, you see my lil princess want to have the orange as a witness on what we are doing and wanted to capture it along!!

Tie a little knot in the beginning and then beginning covering up the balloon with the yarn in what ever direction or pattern you like. If you like to have a light intricate design you don't have to take up all the yarn. For more sturdier and heavy design go for the full.

And there waits the orange and my lil princess to finish up wrapping the balloon all over with the yarn :)!!

Once you reach the end tie into a knot and that fix it in its place. Leave it to dry, and I mean completely dry, as it was winter it really took along time to dry out. If you pop the balloon before its completely dry your lamp shade might lose the desired shape.

I let it out in my flat balcony on my laundry stand, mind you you'll have a mess to clean up later on :)!!

Once its dried you can pop off the balloon, or like me try to open up the knot of the balloon and see how it deflates away from the yarn. I was wondering if the balloon would fly up and down like usual when the air goes out of it along with the yarn,testing physics in there I guess!!

 That's all the work in there, attach it to the cord if you are making a hanging lamp or just like mine just put it over the lamp stand and turn the lights on!!

I just love the intricate design that makes up on the wall, it is so beautiful, don't you love it too!!

Isn't that just amazing, depending on the size of the balloon you can see the design expanding on the wall if its a ceiling you'll just have a brilliant design to gaze up on there too!!

Nov 4, 2013

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I am so sorry for a long absence without giving you a heads-up! Lots of things have had happened, but just couldn't be here on the blog land to share it with you all. We went near and far, as well as had visitors from here and there and just without thinking more than 5 months have passed since I been on my blog.

One of the main reasons was I have not been doing very well physically for the past couple of months. I don't know if it is part of the symptom or what, but my crafty bug was basically nonexistent at for the past few months that at one point I was even surprised how little interest I have in anything crafty. My creativity time has been replaced by my couch potato time - lying down, browsing on the net or simply sitting idle, lol! I so wished I could be more productive. And after a long break from my creativity I feel like my crafting mojo is coming back naturally now الحمد للهas I am almost over with the couch potato phase. You must be wondering what's all this fuss of being out of energy and out of mood, this image explains all I wanted to say :)!!

I have few items on my list,I need to achieve before my due time إن شاء الله, and have few sewing projects I'll be sharing them with you soon too. Till my next post, do remember me in your prayers too when you can, so everything turns out ease for me.

Apr 28, 2013

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As summer is approaching and the mercury rises, who doesn't like to indulge in nice refreshing cool drinks to quench their thirst!!

Today I have nice fizzy drink, that kids will love and will keep on asking!

Here's what all you need:

A bottle of 7up
Different flavored tang or kool aid ice cubes!

Add the colored ice cubes into your glass, pour 7up over it and enjoy!

I love to see those colored cubes and how prettily they stand in the glass and that's all for today folks ^__^!

Apr 25, 2013

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A sewing tutorial that is very very long over due, and recently I found its been staying in my drafts not published yet, a simple and easy way to turn a towel and some fabric into a stylish after bath wrap for you, your child, a friend, or family member.  It’s easy !

You'll need: A terry cloth and 1/2 yard of nice cotton fabric. Be absolutely sure the towel will wrap, and overlap, around the body, I made a small one for my lil princess.

Create pleat by cuttin 5 inch strip of fabric, fold fabric like a sandwich edge to edge,run strip of fabric through sewing machine and pinch pleat every inch. Attach pleat to the side of your wrap that will overlay and show on top. Or you can pinch and pleat while attaching to the wrap in one go like I did.

Measure the length for the straps then by folding it over, and with a simple seam, creating some straps for the shoulders and attach it to the wrap.

Here is the after bath wrap that I made for my lil princess, but ended up giving it as a gift for little cousin ^__^, hope you liked.

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Apr 24, 2013

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I had promised you all I had got a good news to share with you all in my previous post and here it is.
One of my school friends whom I haven't met for 10+ years and was my class mate during prep school, we got connected via one of the social networks out there. I was so happy to meet her and enjoy the nice chat we had together. Going down the memory lane of the times we spent together and the fun we had. And she likes working for NGO's and do lot of charity works. 

She have started a beautiful idea on to promote reading for children especially the less privileged, Beautiful Minds Book Marks, book marks that are hand made with love to light a child's life through reading and have got a wide variety of bookmarks to select from. 
After seeing my quilled works photos, she requested that I make few book marks for her. I was overwhelmed and happy as it was the first time anyone had asked me to make a quilled piece for them. 

The bookmarks are made on 6"x 1.75" for the bottom base and topped with 5.5"X 1.25" base where the quilled design is made. 
The bases were made from Textured Jewels Mat Stack by Diecuts With A View and the quilling strips were varied from quilled creations to lake city (one of my favourite), and few local purchases.

The only challenge I had making was to have different designs and colors for each piece, as she wanted variety, other than it was enjoyable.

Here's a closer look for the few pieces I made.

 Two things I liked most was the creativity involved when making these pieces and getting to meet my friend personally and having a quality time with her which i wish we can do often although we are borders across hopefully again one day insha Allah.

If you liked my pieces and need me to create one for you don't hesitate to ask, I would be more than willing to make :).

Till next time, take care
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