Arabic Alphabets Activity - 1

8:16 PM

This might be officially the first activity I have done with my little princess since I began blogging.

First we needed to prepare the letters for this, as I am yet to have a printer got to depend on little princess's father to print them from the office, well glad to get them printed but wouldn't have them colored as wanted :(.

Here's the printed alphabet already, and a cereal box. To say the truth the letters have been printed for few days now, but have been lazy!

Now no printer then where would a laminator be around :D!! So I thought this would be the best idea we stick the letters onto the cereal box and wrapped it around with adhesive transparent book cover so it can last for awhile! Then cut them out and we have our letters already to play around.

As soon as our cards were ready, my little princess was happy to keep them in order.

The good thing about laminating is it would be easy to wipe and write on it with a white board marker pen.

So my little princess practiced the "fatha" sign on the letters.

And followed by the "Kasra" sign.

As writing the "al Damma" was not easy, left it for another day.

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  1. Assalam u alaikum warahmatullahi

    Brilliant Idea!

    Can u please share the arabic alphabets ?
    My email is

    Umm subhana

  2. as salaamu alaykum I just made an arabic matching game for the kiddos a week ago..I truly need to invest in a laminating machine, I actually do "laminating" with tape :) alhamdulilah it works. InshaAllah I will share my matching game :)



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