B buh boat

We so far have done a few letter activities. But unfortunately not all were saved for the pics..sis safiya was telling me how she did mosaics with mariyam..As usual i like to teach a few things when we do something fun...The best way to let knowledge seep in.
This what we had
1 chart paper in a few colors for the mosaics and base
2 Glue
3 Scissors
4 pencil/pen
5 brush
6 salaman for fun and utter chaos( his recent dubbed name is earthquake maker!)
This is what we did

I drew a few vertical and diagonal lines on strips of paper so she could snip snip snip away!This helps improve motor skills needed for life and writing..
We talked about triangles, rectangles and squares in both arabic and english( the shapes she was cutting)

We made two small piles of mosaic one red for the body of the boat in crecent shape and one orange for the sail in triangle (shapes again)! we discussed colors as well..
I drew a picture of the boat and hu spread the glue with a brush. It was a bit tricky getting hu to do with in lines..alhamdulillah worked out with out much issues ...but we had out earthquake maker coming in now bored with his toys and loong inspection of ithatha's(hu) doll pram's wheels...he pulled the news papers we had spread out for the work right under us..aaaaaaah ! stop it iiiiiitttt salmaaan went hu..don dooo daaat...in her cute 3 year old bossy way

salman and hu
We hurried up with shaking our mosaics before we completely lost them to sal's handy work!
Alhamdulillah we had this in the end


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