Cutting Cubes

This is or more so the temptation to do this "activity ", was after seeing Hu's snap of scraping carrots.

When my Little princess saw that post, she wanted to do scraping too. But unfortunately carrots were not there in my today's menu and to say the truth it was out of stock too :D.

My little princess was having her breakfast in the kitchen, and I was preparing lunch. So I asked her if she would like to play with a knife? O.O...that's how she stared, and after a bit of hesitation agreed to do it.

And the veggie we had to cut for the day was Zucchini or Courgettes or as known in Arabic Koosa, she had fun time saying these names!

I cut for her the zucchini lengthwise and left her to cut them into cubes.

My little princess beautifully cutting the veggie with her hand full of bangles, she was in mood to dress up for the day :-).

And finally here's all the veggie cut into beautiful cubes, ماشاء الله.

A word of caution if you intend your little precious to have fun cutting, make sure that the knife is not too sharp, and neither too blunt. And have something soft and not hard to cut on.

If you want to see how the zucchini's ended just click here(sorry still under construction ^__^).


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