Humairah and the homeschooling adventure

I am venturing into the adventure of homeschooling Humairah , very exicited and scared stiff..Home schooling is not a thing that's usually done in my home country mum who is an educator herself is very worried about the folly i am endavering..Though i argue for and against homeschooling..mum of all the people i belive should not have any issues with this basically because, though we were send to a school we learnt most things from her alright.Mum is here visiting us and its amazing how much she teaches humairah with out even intending to.All of us do homeschool children whether we send them to school or not,there are tons of things they learn just by being around us.
What i want to teach Humairah and Salman even if they eventually attend a school later, is to be good slaveS of Allah and be kind and helpful muslimS who spreads the word of our Lord and invites man kind to AL islam.


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