Its just a beginning

If you have stumbled upon my site and you are reading this, I welcome you whole heartedly and hope you enjoy and have benefit reading it. Anyways here I go..

This Dua'a reminds me back of my days when I was student. I always made sure I remembered it especially during my exam and test days(the frequency of the prayers during that period is higher!! (-:)until its over and done.

Now when I begin teaching my little princess,I make sure this dua'a is recited if I didn't she does, alhamdulilla.

Finally got this blog up, as it almost seemed it never was and taken up longer time than I imagined,of course with a dash of laziness in there! In the beginning after deciding with the blogging was how the blog was to look alike.

There is no generic specified in here, but the idea came it as I was teaching my little princess and I wanted to keep track of it and wanted to have teaching blog incorporated with Islamic basic teachings. So you might fight learning ABCs to baking cookies in here :-).

The one thing to not is am not a teacher don't think will like to be one as I don't have the patience to be one :D! but am now for the sake of my little princess. But along with me in this blog will be an experienced Montessori teacher and her adventures with her little kids.

As its my first time blogging and hope to build slowly a fruitful and helpful blog to everyone out there . Oh, I never thought I was going to post and begin this blog, so here we go.....
In the name of Allah, the most gracious and most merciful


  1. Assalaamu Alaikum sis

    Nice to get to know another blogger trying to home educate to please Allaah. Hoping to see more stuff here Insha Allaah! happy home schooling and May Allaah guide you throughout!

  2. Wa alaikummussalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakathuhu

    Jazaki Allah sister Umm Maimoonah, very happy to have you visited my blog, hope to populate my blog with activities with my princess with ideas and activities inspired from your blog.


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