Paper Mosaic Art

This activity came into my mind when I asked her if she we could do the paper mosaic art by cutting into small pieces. As she was bored of cutting with the scissors, we did it with the paper puncher and it really turned into one beautiful piece.

The papers are all punched and sorted in a fruit yoghurt's tray, found it a good organizer especially during art and craft times.

The strips of paper after punching looks so beautiful and didnt feel discarding them, that I need to get a nice idea to use it up, if you get any ideas lemme know :).

Our little image all ready to have touch of the petite artist.

And here's our tractor ready to chug chug on :-).

We really had a great time pasting those tiny circles and had to have a bit of patience making it, took almost half an hour to finish the picture, but my little princess enjoyed doing it, alhamdulilla, and she wanted to do another picture soon after that.


  1. Salaam! Awesome simple easy creative fun mashaAllah time we used the hole puncher circles to decorate our laterns

  2. Wa alaikumsalam

    Its amazing masha Allah how moms thinks about activities for their kids, subhan Allah oceans apart, diverse cultures and across borders every mother has one aim to cater for the best for their child!

    My lil princess was getting bored with scissor snipping so had to come up with something different! :)


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