A trip to the Diary farm

During one of the weekends we had great trip to a diary farm in the outskirts of the city. Since seeing the promotional leaflet of the farm anniversary and hearing me talking about it with my mom, my little princess was very enthusiastic to go there. And I thought it would be wonderful experience for her and to learn and see few things.

We went there soon after lunch along with her cousins to the dairy farm. As expected it was a quiet a bit ride as there were lots of people and a long queue of cars. Kids were getting frustrated by waiting for the arrival and we said there's a traffic jam ahead of us. So my little princess was like but its only cars! Where's the traffic and voila there she learns a new word and understands it, so I was like that's it my dear that's what is called "traffic".
At the farm she was amazed to see different patterned and colored cows.

And they were able to see them at near and tried their hand feeding them but my little princess was afraid to go near as she is a little bit of a scary cat.

We were able to have a peek inside the diary plant.

It was really one continues and a never ending process of bottles coming in,filled with milk or flavored ones.

The bottles are then sealed, labeled and off on to the crates to the delivery van to be delivered through out the stores across the country.

By the time the trip was over it was already late in the evening, but the thrill from being to the farm was not yet over,before going to sleep my little princess was like "mom, I want to visit a camel farm next week!" :-).


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