What velii taught hu

Alhamdulillah by the time Umma was here i had pretty much a routine for Hu .Wake up withe morning duas..brush down in pjs for breakfast, hear quran on harf.com while she eats breakfast. The she has fun with starfall or arabic in youtube...okok my kid is very much internet educated...and to be frank i would be lost with out it..The she has a bath and try and put salaman to sleep..She gets to watch sesame street as a treat..i try and put educational video queues..we might do further lessons based on what we saw erlier in the day ....
Any way thas not what hu has been doing these days..she gets up and get to read duas when velli or papa cuddles her the moment she is up is the highlight of their day and she knows how to milk it well..RIGHT now they are having a very intresting balloon fightr and i am enjoying the peace of not being bothered by either of them..
Litte Hu learnt tons of things from velli ..this has been always the same each time the see. Umma teaches kids like duck takes to water or rather more like breathing...she just has to impart somthing..
She has learnt a load of opposites from her hot/cold, sink/float.. day/night, inside/ outside,neice/ nephew( the baloon fight had a break and they discussed who is whose nephew or niece) Big bigger biggest with bottles all in ACTIVITIES in proper settings too..kitchen , bathroom, garden..sofa as they cuddle
Hu learnt the words CHOPPING and SCRAPING It started with mum chopping veggies for lunch Hu wanted to join in

They also discussed colours both in english and arabic and names of the veggies
she has done tons more i will keep u posted asap...masalama!


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