Calendar Activity

There are 7 days in a week!

My little princess loves to repeat the days of the week, so I thought we will make a calendar, each day she will be changing the date and the day, with that I hope insha Allah, with the frequency of seeing and repeating the words while she changes she can get to learn to read each word, as for now she's slowly learning the phonics. By looking at the first alphabet of the word and remembering its sound she's identifying the word, ماشاء اللّه.

The template for the calendar was taken from Mrs.Pancake, which I found while going through sister Umm Maimoonah's journal.

The templates were printed from my spouse's office, it was not colorful but in grey scale,had to add a bit of color onto it.

While preparing the cards my little princess enjoyed playing with the numbers, as there is a long list of it!

And before almost being done with the calendar, Allah answered our prayers and we got a printer, الحمدللّه. We got it for really a good bargain, didn't know that the printers prices had come down to this low!! Its been very long since I used to check out all the Computer related accessories and stuffs, maybe long way back to my university days!

Anyway coming back to our topic I made cards for the Islamic months too, as we were talking that Ramadan is fast approaching, it would be a good reminder and to count the days to welcome the blessed month.

A small pockets from polythene cover was made, to hold the cards!

And finally here is our Calendar all set and up, with my little princess 4 recycled hearts!


  1. denfinitely going to try this ot insha allah...jazzakallah for the post

  2. Masha Allaah looks so wonderful! She will catch up all the stuff fast Insha Allaah! You will be amazed!


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