Colors are FUN

Colors are fun, and who doesn't love it. Imagine a world without colors O.O, its really hard, isn't it?. Subhan Allah, the beauty of his creations has no limits and boundaries. The clear blue sky, yellow bright sun, blooming flowers with variety of colors on it.

So we had color themed based activities, basically not to learn about the colors but to add more vocabularies in my little princess pocket. So we began with with worksheets from kids from kids learning station.

Next it was matching the color to its label with a timer on.

We also had frog jumping, the color labels were set on each tile on the floor, I call out the color and she jumps on to it.

Alphabetically ordering the words were also done.

Then a list of colors were written on the board and she had to jump on to them before the timer was reset. All was good exercise for her as she was able to learn the spelling of each color, because of the different kind of activities were involved, الحمد للّه.

We did a little bit of experimenting and learning when mixing colors together what we would get. Using the color circles my little princess was able to see the results of each mixing.

And saw it live too.

Later on it was time to get messy all aboard and to make blotches of colors all around, we used water color tubes to play around. It was fun, the only thing that is not fun is the cleaning that comes after it.

Hand impressions.

Finger painting.

And with a brush.

Finally a piece of art, using all the techniques :).


  1. Its so nice to see all of this learning masha Allaah! Nice creativity! And nice ideas! Keep up the good work!


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