Earth Day

Am running little late on to post this one, anyhow last week there was a celebration down at Al Qasba for "EARTH DAY" with Bee’ah (waste management company) filled with few activities for the children.
With activities like:
- Pool of recyclables and none recyclables competition
- Drawing competition for kids
- Weigh your recyclables competition

As soon as we heard about the Earth celebrations we began collecting what recyclable things we had at home like plastics and newspaper.

For the first time my little princess joined in a public event for the first time without any hesitations, otherwise she's very shy and hides behind me in events like these.

So there she sat and enjoyed herself drawing whatever she knows from the nature like the sun, flower and tree.

And got herself a thank you certificate for taking part in Earth day. Also we got ourselves bit of goodies for giving out the recyclables.


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