English Alphabet Writing Activities

Last week we began English alphabet writing and phonics sounds activity. Different worksheets with alphabet tracing and coloring is included. As she knows her alphabets pretty well ماشاءاللّه, its just I have to spend time with her so she can clearly get the sound of it and make out which letter the word begins with and make her figure out what the picture is.

Alhamdulila, the internet is valuable resource for these kind of worksheet that will save up time for you. For now we are using the worksheets from kids learning station , it has got lot of activities and worksheets on alphabets, numbers and many more.

I prepared an alphabet scrapbook for my little princess to keep record of the letters and activities she has been doing on. Rather than having a pile of paper or a big file folder!.

I added a little bit of colors here and there :) and made it appealing it for her. I don't know if you remember my puncher mosaic craft we did awhile ago. I used the leftover paper strips from it. I guess one crafts "mess" IS another crafts treasure!.

Anyhow I figured out teaching to read English is much harder than teaching her Arabic, as she is well advanced in reading in Arabic alhamdulilla, as slowly I can make her read the Quran, soon. And nowadays she enjoy reading the billboards and signboards while travelling in the car!


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