G guh grass paper craft

Hu and i have done a few paper crafts including a few mosaics only not all are saved for pics.This is what we do when we do letters we watch starfall before or after doing the activity so hu can say a few words she has seen..
MY mum taught me to go on paying the word game ..that is we go on dicusssing the same letter all through the day in many teeny weeny sessions so we get to hold children's attention with out boring them out...That is VERY important

What we had
1 color greem paper for grass and a base color
2 Glue
3 brush
4 sissors
5 pencil/pen for drawing

What we did
We cut G and cut out grass as seen in pic with a bit extra for sticking on the base. I let hu fold the base paper in leghth wise and then slightly less equally breadth wise like this

Hu brushed G with glue and i did the grass sticking, Sal tagging behind us :).


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