The heat of summer is setting in for us here in middle east. Though hu is learning about spring, we have done totally summery in our home ec session..Masha Allah hu is being very helpful around the house these days.And a lot ofr praise goes a looong way:). But to HELP umma in cooking has loong been a favorite idea.. When I was little we stayed at our grandma's place. She used to bake such wonderful cakes..mmm but the fun bit was we would sneak in for licks…of the batter ..which in our opinion tasted even better than the cake!. Even long after she is gone we still say..dont let velli see u!..(thats what we used to call her)
I got this awesome base recipe from my co sis who is the sweet expert in our family. Hu wanted to help me. As the recipe was really easy, with very little i ingredients I agreed.
To make kulfi flavor...which is a bit adult in tastes u need
1 tin condensed milk
2 tins cream
1 tin evaporated milk,
few cardamom pods crushed or two tsp powdered cardamom
a hand full of cashew or almond
put all ingredients together and blend
freeze till set.

i dint have that in hand so i simply boiled milk a little longer and it tasted just fine and oh ya the cardamoms crushed were added to this milk while it boiled so that the flavor was well infused.
We also did a variation the same thing minus almond and cardamom but plus banana..
That was hu's idea to add she says..most of the mixture was licked up while she blended. Well that’s the fun of cooking sah?:).


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