Mushroom Soup

This post has been lying around my draft for quite awhile. Had to do few photo editing to the snaps before posting it onto the blog. It had been done as soon as after her 1st lessons with the knife.
It had been awhile she was saying that she needs Mushroom soup, so thought we can have it as an afternoon snack, I know its sound awkward to have a soup in the afternoon and that too during summer, well what to say I dint have other choice!

First we prepared all the ingredients.
Butter,Sliced Onions and garlic and for Seasoning we had black pepper and dried oregano, few veggies like corn peas and mushroom, if carrots were there it would have looked lovely and colorful, anyway الحمد لله على كل حال.
and of course mushroom soup mix and stock.

And here's my little apprentice all ready and set to cook.

Heat the pan, melt the butter then add in onions and garlic, stir till soft. Add 2 cup of waters and the stock. In a glass with little water mix in the soup mix, to avoid having any lumps.

Once it boils add in the veggies and followed by the mix. Let it boil till thicken then add in the seasoning.

Heres the soup all ready to eat.

It was tasty for my little princess in the beginning, after few sips,"ugh" doesn't taste good :S!! When asked what happened to the taste, my little princess had added little more water of her own while eating, Oh well!!


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