Natural Dye Home Made Play Dough

While way back I was an school going girl :), I used to see fellow class mates frantically rubbing on their desks, and the litter that used to pile up after rubbing, they used to collect it into small sandwich bags. When inquired about what they were going to do with it, they used to say they were going to make play dough out of it! Actually I never came to saw a play dough made out of rubber litter, but I always used to sit and wonder how many rubbers they need just to have a handful of dough to make! This is what I remembered while I was making play dough for my little princess.

Anyway here's a lot more easier way to make the play dough, rather than sitting and collecting the rubber litter ;). Ingredients are easily found in kitchen cupboard and you're refrigerator.

Here are what you need:

1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup dye water
1/4 cup salt
1 tbsp Oil
1 tbsp Vinegar

Mix all of them together, add into pan onto a low heat, keep on stirring, until it forms into a lump around your spoon. Remove from heat, onto a floured surface and knead for awhile inwards and you're play dough is ready.

For the colors, I used a medium shredded beetroot,almost ripen out and out of shape strawberries :D and turmeric, wanted to make also few textured ones, but was out of vinegar! If you don't have vinegar you can substitute it with lemon or cream of tartar, I didn't have any of these either in stock!

To get the color dye boil each of them in water, strain and use.

Here are my play dough beetroot, turmeric and strawberry in order!

My little princess really enjoyed playing with it, making imaginary eatables for it, she even tasted the dough saying it was salty! No worries as everything is natural and cooked so no harm if it went inside!

Playing with play dough helps the kids develop motor sensory skills and gives more firmness to their fingers especially when beginning to hold pencil and write!


  1. As salaamu alaykum kay this is real interesting mashaAllah and I have never used vinegar for playdough or had to cook it but inshaAllah will try this one.. on my blog I have a recipe, we call it Ummi Dough lol but thats cool how you used tumeric etc neat! Will share this on the facebook group inshaAllah

  2. Wa alaikummusalam wa rahmatulllah

    Using vineagr neutralizes all the smell :). For the turmeric add a tsp or 2 into one glass of water and let it boil. Heating the color dyes gives is permanent coloring for the water and won't stain. ^__^
    Jazakiallah for the share.


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