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My concept for our life..( all of us hu, me sal&DH) is isthiqaamath..i belive it means being constant. I have heard the content of a hadith with says the act that Allah loves most is one done regularly be it small or big...Unfortunately i am there yet.. but i hope to work towards it. And hu being a great help for that. She does not know it yet but having her and salman makes me a better muslim and person...i want to be good. For sake of ALLAH BUT SOME HOW I TEND TO SLACK BUT WITH THESE TWO LITTLE ANGELS AROUND I tend to pull myself together better for their sakes as well as mine!
Alhamdulillah what we do every day..almost without fail is to listen to quran as soon as Hu is up and has said her duas..is to listen to quran in harf.com http://www.harfkids.com/en/quraan.aspx
Alhamdulillah she is picking up many surahs..though.. not complete. Or correct this is part of her life and inshaallah a part of her for ever insha allah she will be there soon a hafiza.
Any way i do want to make quran come alive for her and i do believe quran has to be part of our lives every day... so here is what i am doing. Currently we are doing surah FEEl

Hu saw a feel at the zoo in trivandrum. i am putting one of those pics so we can discuss Allah’s kudraths later ia
What we do
we listen to the surah and then watch its video in you tube. I have explained the story to her. ia i plan to do my own retold version of it on print with pics.. the story i tell her every day or every other day ...Soon i plan to talk about its implications...Hu is always enthusiastic about watching the videos with kaaba as she recently did umrah
the one she likes has music so i turn down the volume as much as i can


We also discussed jahannam and punishments. She remembered the story of Ibrahim (AS) and Ismail (AS)the people who built ka'aba..she said we are not to destroy kaaba sah?..and we even did a jog memory of thawaaf etc.....ia hope you enjoy such a session with your littles as much as we did.


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