Recycled Paper Heart

For some reason I cannot find the post about this which I had posted few days back, before the blog was down for two days. But it seems the post disappeared along with the blog maintenance :(!.

So here's the activity what we did to recycle the paper.

Prepare news paper and few color papers, adding the colored papers will give you're final product a bit of color. We also took our leftover paper strips.

Cut the paper into small pieces.

Roll up you're sleeves, as it's to time play with water.

Squish, squish & squish. Then blend with a hand blender to have a homogeneous pulp.

Into the strainer to remove the excess water. Spread it onto a flat surface, we put it flat onto our chopping board. And left it in our balcony to dry. With summer heat like ours, it was dried in half day.

My little princess wanted to make heart of it. I thought it would be piece of cake, but it was not as imagined needed a bit of stamina for it!!.

Here's our Heart finally decorated with glitter and beads.

As it was first time playing with crafter's glue for my little princess, she like "eww, MY hands are YUCKY""....


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