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Insha allah i plan to upload a few lessons we learnt through life..this one has me and hu and the lessons...
Technically speaking i would like to avoid pics with people in it..not exactly islamic is it? but as i do have a few that were taken by other people i might as well use it for educational recording and memories... Humairah says this her blog with mariyam as soon as she sees me working on it or looking at sis safiya's posts..i am glad she thinks so...because basic things that lack in homeschooling with one child is lack of companionship ,sence of belonging with a group and diffuclty to do team work...blogging like this seems to help...
Any way this is what we learnt when we went to JUBAIL one of the sea towns in saudi..Not that khiobar is not but ..we have not done proper beaches here yet..
We heard that jubail beaches are lovely..and almost empty early in the morning..I lived in the city Trivandrum..with world famous beaches...ofcourse we have done our fair share of beaches and backwatres and ponds....Me and my family simply cannot resist the lure of water...So we packed our bags for the overnight stay to catch the early morning sun at the beach...
well things dint exactly work out as we thought...we dint get a proper accomodtion till waay past midnight..but were did we get?? intercontinental jubail..weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! instead of using public beach early in the morning we ..had a lovely breakfast in fivestar..hotel and got to use their privet beach!!!

What we learnt..
Families are fun!..And grandmums have a ton of patience and loads to imapart just by being with grand children

view out side intercontinental
Mum talked about birds that lived there and how they would go out looking for food and come back and stay there...i have an aratistic view of i hardly think of making use of the situations..we dont need feld trips to teach every trip can be we are the teacher and the taught..the places could change often though...

At the beach we had loads of hu and my folks got into to the got into her life tube and and what fun she had in her first proper sea swim...She learnt that sea water is salty...she tasted it ofcourse..That the sea could be deeper further into the sea..and sometimes colder too...

She was a bit scared and facinated by Sea weeds

hu with her plants

She loved the sand and making sand castles and learnt what a cave was .. and also mum and hu picked wild flowers..roots and stem and all to keep in a pot back home...that dint work though:| we collected a bit of sand from there for our activities and a few shells ...We discussed all of this later when we went to our local science museam SCI TECH.. and saw oysters and pearls and how pearls arte made..and again discussed them when we saw pearls in the shops at the mall

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