Shapes turtle

8:43 PM

Alhamdulillah this was fun for both of us...There were these freebee useless CDs sitting around... We had made paper with recycled paper so i thought might as well recycle the CDs and do a combined craft with them...
So we decided on turtle and picked clour green for the body and orange for the spots burthuqaali says hu .I let Hu paint the cd with green acrylic paint, wich she enjoyed much I cut out the head , legs and tail from green chart paper with Hu's help( more the other way around!)and Hu stuck them in appropriate places
We are brushing up our shapes. Hu has taken out her shapes trolly and has been telling me the shapes in both arabic and english ماشاالله .So the spots were to be in diffrent shapes. Which we made with the hand made paper.

voila! The Shapes turtle
Insha allah i plan to move from here to creations of allah on sea.We already discussed who made all things.

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  1. Assalaamu Alaikum!

    Masha Allaah great idea! Well done both of you. Turtle looks so wonderful!

  2. Jazzakallah! i have always wanted to comment on your wonderful work with mimoonah..masha do so much..

  3. Wa Iyyaaki Fauziya! But I am a bit confused with your name?! Are you the same SAJ? : )

  4. assalamu alaikum
    Jazaki Allah for all the encouraging comments you leave, sister Maimoonah. This blog is managed by two of us S.AJ which is me along with my little princess, are the synonyms I go with from UAE and Sister Fouziya with her kids Hu and Sal from Saudi, and We are a Family :). So whatever activities or lessons we do with our kids, we try to share it in here, as a encouragement to each other as well as for the others who read our blog.


  5. Masha Allaah great! This explains my confusion! : )

  6. Assalamu alaikum Fouzitha

    I love the idea of home schooling my kids, even more so after reading this blog, but right now sending them to you seems like a much better (more convenient :P ) option. :D

    Love the blog, Masha Allah! If and when I visit you in Saudi, insha Allah, i'll be hu's guest lecturer. Hehe



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