What a clumsy ME!

It really had been a very quiet "busy" week. Not much of activities had been done, but few this and that, which I will post about them later, إن شاء اللّه.

As I said it was quiet a busy, there was this softwarre development project I needed to complete for a friend of mine, and was having a very important presentation to do by Monday, and needed few things to be done. So my mind was busy working up on that project I ended up doing things mere like absent minded professor that is! If I was not thinking about the solution on the project, it would be what activity it would for my little princess for the next day. My "fikr" or my mind was totally involved in zillion of worldly things.

So want to know what I did, while preparing tea for my princess father, instead of adding tea, it ended almost in adding the milk powder first, well that's not such a messy matter, but after pouring hot water into the cup I was trying to put it back inside the cupboard on the top, and was wondering why its not going in till I realized it was the kettle (its a small non cordless one) and not the tea powder container!!

Gets up early in the morning, mind all jumbled up....something funny while am brushing, "EEEEWWWWWW" am brushing with my little princess brush....augh! Should I ought to be more clumsier than this O.O

But alhamdulilla almost got over the period, seriously am laughing from outside, but deep inside am reall sad and pray that my mind should have been more thoughtful of my Ibadah's and a'amals and not on this petty matters, it's not wrong in being involved and being busy in these matters, but to have more sincerity in our prayers and not to be in rush just as am doing some obligations that have been asked upon but with sincere desire and humbleness.

May Allah guide us to the right path.


  1. ameen! right on sis...i just know wat u r tlking about...i am almost thinking if i should work so hard hu..not that i do so much like you people...but in course of time she would learn..in the end of the day we All should b perfect slaves of Allah...and die with imaan thats what counts


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