Who is Allah

I decided to follow the Pre School Islamic series, by sister Umm Numa'an of a Muslim child is born. That includes simple set of workbook with different kind of skills and exercises to do for each week.

The first week lesson is introductory onto Who is Allah, my little princess enjoyed doing the worksheet.

It includes introductory or basic question on Who is Allah, Who is our Nabiy'i and What is our Deen? I preferred using the Arabic terminologies while teaching and asking my little princess as its more easier for her to ask as well as remember.

The worksheet also teaches about the vowel letters and question mark. While doing the coloring worksheet for the vowels, my little princess came up with the idea of coloring the vowel according to the color it holds so it was Red for "E", brown for "O", Blue for "U", Orange for "A" and for the letter "I" she found it in the color "Light Green"!, it was a good reminder for her for the color vocabulary as this whole week it was color week, and we did a quiet a bit of activities on it which I will posting it on later إن شاءاللّه. As well as new vocabulary and few writing skills.

Each lesson teaches new names of Allah. When I told my little princess that Allah has got 99 names, she was so mesmerized and amazed ماشاءااللّه.


  1. Assalaamu Alaikum

    Masha Allaah happy that you have started using these mini books walillaahil hamd. Your little princess will enjoy all of these books Insha Allaah!

  2. Wa alaikumusalam wa rahmatuallah

    She enjoys learning alhamdulilla, I just delayed doing this workbook for awhile, as basically things were done orally so the idea is already built in and will be easier to learn.


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