You Are, What you Are

7:30 PM

I really wanted to chip out these long time back, well I know the blog is just 2 months old, but I feel like its been a very long we have been out here. Anyway, as I was saying these thoughts always comes in my mind, and sometimes its provoked inside me when I get few sarcastic comments.

Allah has created each human in this earth with their own uniqueness, no two persons are same. Each individual have his/her identity thats sets him apart from the other. No one is perfect either, and we all tend to make mistakes and faults and that's how we learn in our life.

The amount of time I have, you have and the person at the end of the street is all the same. No one has got any time less or more.But Subhan Allah some are able to do lot of things in a day while the other may do only half of that and another even less than that. Each person try to do what is in her/his capacity, don't compare yourself to another and don't blame your self for that, and don't look yourself down. Who knows what each of us has achieved or done? If I did multiple job and in that amount of time you only did one job, don't be down and despair Allah has given each of us different, and he will be the judge for what you do.

So my dear friend don't compare, but be satisfied in what you do, I am different from you and you are different me.

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  1. mmm very thought provking sis...yes ur test in life is not the same as mine and there is no pointing in wishing it to be the same.But in the end of the day what must achive is the rida od Allah and insha allah may we all attain it ameen!

  2. Bismillaah

    As Salaamu Alaikum

    Mashaa'Allaah........May Allaah make things easier on the Muslimeen Ameen

  3. "The amount of time I have, you have and the person at the end of the street is all the same. No one has got any time less or more." How true and what a beautiful post, el7umdulilla. PS: I love the theme of your blog - has to be the cutest I have seen:)

  4. Jazak Allah Blue Pearl and Umm Suhailah for your visit



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