DIY Cereal Box House

I am the kind who like to think twice before throwing out something. And what I mean is not throwing any of my stuff but packages, cardboards and plastics. I always have the feeling that it would tend to turn out helpful in some craft or even in emergencies. Because of this habit, I had corner in the kitchen where I stored all these recyclable stuffs. Slowly it was getting more and more and felt it was invading my kitchen and make it all cluttered. That's when I came into this beautiful craft on how to build a house from a cereal box without any extras. And it would be nice fun for my little princess too.

The house all set and built ready to paint.

Painting and "scaffolding" work in progress.

Chocolate wrappers for the roof.

The house all built and ready to move in:). See the paint dripping my little princess didn't' have the patience of waiting the paint to dry, was in hurry to get it done.

If you'd like to give it a try you can find the step by step tutorial over Bella Dia blog.


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