Friends and Family

One of the main disadvantages of being homeschooled is lack of company and thus social skills..Alahmdulillah this is not much lacking for Hu who has her brother Sal and her friends faris and zayed for constant company and her cousins Razzan and Ahmed who she meets every two months.

Hu still finds sharing a trial..i try to just stick with non music sesame street vedios in these topics most of the time... but elmo has not taught her much. But then again as pros and cons go by...homeschoolers can take thier school every where and its life skills and spritual nurturing that we few weeks we had a trip to Qatar with Dh's family, got us closer to family...and Allah..alhamdulillah...We had many discussions of jannah and Hu played with cousins every day we were there and...alahmdulillah enjoyed seeing the date farms and camels in the dessert on the car journeies to and fro. And alhamdulillah hu is progressing well with starfall and has read many words with phonics...insha allah we will put the pics of out arabic alphabet book that we put together soon Insha Allah...


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