Hu's posh french toast

We had a very hectic visit at Hu's paternal grandparent's place alhamdulillah.The trip was very exciting for Hu and very spritualy rejenuating and physically exhausting for me!

Anyways I had this bag of brown bread in the freezer that needed finishing and hu wanted to HELP me in the kitchen...I am the spur of the moment I went along and thought it would be fun to blog it as I never get to put down any of Hu's many activities any where...Alahmdulillah she is getting way ahead in reading for her age...masha allah!

So this is what we did...with Sal in prowl ofcourse!

the ingredients

1 cup cream
3 eggs
(all beaten together)
6 slices of bread
oil for frying
confectioners sugar and mapel syrup for topping

Hu helped me with cracking the eggs a process she looves dearly (quite good at it, must say)and then mixing the egg cream mixture.

we dipped the bread in the egg mixture and then andc fries them and them put them in baking tray and and baked them for a while..this helps to take off the excess oil ..well a bit..

AND we had them with maple syrup on top mmmmmmmm


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