Pottery Mosaic Painting

Our Couscous art originally began with this but we left it behind and had done instead the colorful rolls last week. If you hadn't read about it, you can see it from here.

I had these pots, for very long, since my little princess was few months old. I had bought them with intention of doing some art and painting on to it. But they had been laying around I guess for pretty long now untouched. And it was time for a change. As we are on art and craft frenzy time, it was a good idea to utilize it as one of our art piece, and YES one of a kind it was :-).

These pots come in cheap and you can get them for 50 fils to 1 dirham, and its widely available in different shapes and sizes in Friday Market, on way to Fujairah, almost one hour drive from where we stay.

We began with brushing glue, that is crafter's glue diluted with one part water and two parts glue, as it would be easier to brush it all over the pot. Then roll the pots, in couscous.

Left it out for a day or so, so the glue dries out and couscous is completely stuck in too.

Here's a closer look at the pot with all dried out.

Had fun painting it on with different colors, all messy around colorful too. I love this fruit yogurt tray, as its really handy during crafts time.

Here's out final piece of work. Last week when we posted our couscous rolls, many of blog visitors had asked if the couscous flaked out, but in contrary, it came out more stiffer and harder. It might feel soften when you are brushing it on, but once completely dried they are firm.

Another one of crazy ideas in my mind done and recorded, finally :-). Did you like this, if so what do you think about it??


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