What we have been up to

The past few days were seriously busy for our otherwise normal life. We had relatives staying over for few days, friends from england visting with their brood of boys,parties, more guests..hu and sal were having fun but I dint have time to DO much work with hu.
My father called up to find out wats going on with his grandchildren and was not so happy to know I had taken a break...
But i think its just fine basically because I am not teaching hu to be a bookie and grind her nose in work.Thats what homeschooling is all about to pick and choose what you want to impart to your child the way you feel is the best. And i have chosen the sunnah of the sahaba..I definitely have not read in any book or even heard it mention that a child needs to learn such and such in by a certain age other than the matters of deen that too from age 7 never before.So I have decided that hu should play, play, play but learn to love Allah and Rasoolullah, deen and its dawa while she plays and learns a bit.

Do you think the same?


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