Animal Farm

Last month we had one of those rare long weekend holidays, yes long mean Thursday, Friday and Saturday too. Isn't that long time now, we are half way thru July & I have got back log of post to be done.....aaugh time is running fast. Anyway back to this post, I had planned to do and finish few things in my mind. YES, I did plan and good plan was it. But I dont know it tends that IF I ever have a plan I tend do nothing of the plan to do list!! I just wonder Why? :S....Its a habit of mind, not a new one but prolonged one that was with me since my good old days of the weekend came and went by, but NONE of it was done....BUT we had a quiet wonderful unexpected joyful weekend, Alhamdulilla.

Summer is here and schools are out, so my little princess cousin's came to stay over on Thursday, wow that was fun. With the kids running around and having hard time falling asleep so they wont miss out a single second of fun and joy. They sleep by 1 or 2 am and are up by the time sun is up. So when does the sun comes up,with summer around that means it makes its presence by 5:30 that's how it was and much more.

You must be wondering what did we have much more? My flat turned into and Arts and Crafts workshop. Colors and water spilled in here, paper strips, glue and lot more over there and not to mention the pile of toys in between :D. It was really fun, to see them have fun although it comes on the expense of me having extra work of cleaning, but then I don't mind, as these are joyful moments that wont come by.

And there was this farm summer project that needed to be done for the little bro kuzin of my princess :), so we took it as an activity for both of them together. To build this farm I wanted few stuffs and here is how we got them.

Colorful paper of green and yellow shredded and teared with hand, those were available with me. Glitter, Colorful sand hot glue as well as crafter's glue, and cereal box these too were available.
Toothpicks, we went for shopping and got them too.

The most important thing was the base and I had intended to use thermocol sheets that comes in packages, but I had none and was thinking of a way to get one. We had to wait till everyone was back to office and it from there. That means quiet a lot waiting to be done. So here we are during weekend sitting in the car waiting for my princess's father who had went to buy dinner and there comes a man with a big pile of cardboard's and thermocol sheets and piles them up on the garbage. O.O, wow that was quiets a huge pile too, so I sneak out from the car and get few of them and in they go into our car's boot. Now don't give me that look, am not a garbage scavenger or hunter, and the garbage bin was near to a bookshop and photocopying shop so its wan not a "DIRTY" dump, besides when the need comes we all do won't we :D!! and off we all go home happy not because we were going to have a take away dinner but we got our thermocol sheets!!.

We built a farm house using a cereal and tea box. The same way we did in here.

Teared and stripped the sheets for the ground and scattered color sand here and there.

Made all round border fence with the tooth picks.

Here's the farm all pasture and green with animals freely roaming around, while few of them are nappin around :). It was an enjoyable learning too as they got to recap on farm animals and refresh their memories on farm trip we had long back.


  1. oh Masha Allaah that farm looks so wonderful! I wish I was part of making it with Maimoonah!

  2. JazakiAllah,
    you are always welcome to join our craft and art sessions with your little girl.... ^__^


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