Ramadan Activity 3: Ramadan Decorative Paper Plates

When we were in Qatar and did those zakat boxes I need wrapping paper and had none at hand. So I scooted to the closest shop that sold groceries...there was hardly anything in there but i wanted to do more stuff with the lot so grabbed what ever I could and the paper plates were one of those ;). So back here in Saudi this weekend dh was not home and hu needed to entertained so we made these....I don't intend to do much of the activities with hu during ramadan as I want to show her it's month of ibaadah and we are to exert ourselves as much as we can...
What we did was we spread newspaper so we won't damage the floors for good lol.

Then we spray painted then with what eve colors we had and decorated with glitter glue and did some art work with glitter pen... And punched a hole and stung ribbons..violence we have decorations to deck up our house for the month of Ramadan ...and also to give as favors for friends we intend to invite for iftaar during ramadaan inshallah Allah .. You can also make them as cards with to and from.and spread the message of blessing of ramadaan to all inshallah!

For some reasons, there is a little issue with the photos I have, will upload them soon once it gets resolve, but for now will just stick with words :).


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