Ramadan Activity 1: Ramadan lentil craft

We are all very excited about ..Insha Allah hope do much tijarah for Akhirah..so i am in stocking frenzy right now..so i dont have to spend much of those precious moments of the majic month in kitchen....So i was busy in kitchen and well so absorbed in finsishing off the work...i turn anround and what do i see?
There sat salman with lots of lentils spilt around him...and i dont remeber leaving an open packet of lentils...what had he done??!!! he had opened my store and taken a packet of lentels and riped it open with his lil teeth! and was trying to actually eat them! lol...Since i was already doing ramadan paper plate activity i thought why not just use this....
SO this is what hu and i did we picked up all the lentils frm the floor. then we drew a moon on the back side of a paper plate and painted the plate blue. then we brushed glue on the moon and put the lentils on top and voila we had a beutiful ramadan moon....jazzakallah sal for spilling those lentils....;)


  1. That's one cute little encouragement from the little guy for a wonderful craft ;)

  2. sorry folks took this pic frm my ipad....apparently this upsidown activity is normal....till i take a new one please put up with this one...


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