Ramdan Activity 2: Iftar Dua'a Reminder

Yes, the blessed month has finally arrived. Its the most awaited month of the year. The blessed feeling, the serene mood, long nights of Ibadah, never ending Qura'an recitation. Let's make the intention to make this Ramadhan much better than the last! Make intention that we will increase our worship, will try to catch the Night of Power, and will come out of this Ramadan as better Muslim/ Muslimah, insha'Allah. After all, it all starts with your intentions. The next step is to make those intentions into fruitful actions, Insha'Allah!

Here's our first activity to share with everyone, or perhaps it's not exactly an activity but yes kids can get to learn the dua'a and remember them when they see it around. What I do with my little princess is let her hear the dua'a two or three times, then let her repeat after me and finally I give her the beginning and she completes or the other way around. And sometimes our conversation and play time will be about the dua'a. :)

Here's a a Iftar dua'a that can be put on to your iftar dining, to decorate as well as to remind when you are breaking your fast. May Allah add it onto our good deeds, Aameen إن شاء اللّه.

You can download the dua'a from here, إن شاء اللّه.

Ramadan Kareem to all my blog readers & visitors.


  1. Kasha Allah sis it's most certainly inspiring.. Ia can refresh our memories ..and not miss out on any Sunna which amours as a fed nw

  2. Jazzakallah sis most certainly inspiring as we also can be reminded not miss a single sunnah which amouts as a fard nw


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