Tie and Dye

7:08 PM

We had been little down for the past few days with each of us taking chance of summer flu and cold. But Alhamdulilla we are slowly gaining back to our normal routine.

As you may have seen the post title, Tie and Dye, if we are looking at the precise meaning of the work its not really tie and but tie and paint :). I had seen a post on one of the kids craft blog activity with tie-dying,you can check it out here. Since then I wanted to do something of that sort with my little princess. And I wanted to do it with colors and materials available with me. So here is what we did.

I found this simple white dress while organizing my little princess's wardrobe, as it was white in color it would be fun to watch how the color mix on it so our fabric was set.

We didn't have dye in here and was not going to buy one just for the sake of this art, so we used the metallic fabric paints that I have.

First we scrunched the dress and tied it with rubber bands. I had those tiny rubber bands that was left back from my days of teeth braces, you know those tiny ones that are used to tighten the braces every now and then, who knew this would come in handy one day!! Anyhow we did it this so we can have our paint "dye" effect in a straight line.

Prepared our art area, spreading the paper and gathering all our required materials, water, paints and small squeezing bottle filled with water, to help spread the color.

Off we went painting and squeezing the water all over it.

Here's our dress after all the process of tie and "dye".

Although the color doesn't cover all the area of the dress but it's beautiful to see the whole effect on it and that my little princess enjoyed it too :-).

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