To Do List Completed

Its been awhile since I posted on any of our activities or lessons we had done. In reality I felt I had gone into a hibernation mode or kinda depression I would say :). Its summer time in here and everyone around had gone into a vacation here and there. Felt like the nest is empty around us and more even after my parents left to Germany, although we don't live together but borders apart, but talk often too. With that I had lost my interest on posting anything onto my blog, as my mom was the 1st to see my post and my little princess's adventure's but as she is far away now it's not possible. Besides had other things on my list too that had to be done and over before Ramadan. Oh did I say Ramadan, its just around the corner and am in frenzy too.

Last week we had coffee morning with the quiller's in here in Dubai, so had to make around 15 tags to give out for the ladies as a gift from me. Did I say quilling, I guess I didn't tell you about it, I'll tell about in another post , ان شاء اللّه.

Then by the end of August, have to post around 30 quilled cards for the international swap that is going on, and wanted to finish that off before Ramadan, cos there was now way am gonna spend serious quilling during this holy month, that was the few things I got busy in and had to finish off from my to do list.

As for my little princess's these are what we did....
Began reading in English and she's doing pretty well in it too and we use the progressive phonics. It is an all-in-one reading program that is easy, fun, and totally FREE---that's right, totally and completely free! but you need to have an account, that's all. It has got matching handwriting worksheets and activity sheets for each book.

We are almost done with book 1 and onto book 2, الحمدللّه.

Arabic is reading is also almost perfect ماشاء اللّه, have been reading simple story books, and her Qaida learning is also getting near to end, and hoping with Allah's grace that she will began reading the Holy Qur'an during the holy month ان شاء اللّه.

Hand writing activities along with math worksheets is also going on well, you can find different kind of nice worksheets in here.

These were few things that I wanted to finish before, Ramadan and الحمدللّه for that.


  1. Bismillaah

    As Salaamu Alaikum

    Inshaa'Allaah you are feeling better. I will check out that link Inshaa'Allaah. Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum for the update dear sis. I saw you wanted to do the Ramadhan challenge- don't forget to go to Smart Ark website pick something- and post it on my blog post called "So you decided to take the challenge..." sign up and fill out the info :) don't forget about the Smart Ark site.

  2. Jazakiallah sister Umm Suhailah,
    I have submitted my "form" and hope everyone will have fruitful Ramadan Insha Allah

  3. Assalaamu Alaikum

    Masha Allaah you have posted. I have been waiting to see what you were upto. For some reason non of your blog posts are showing up on my blog reading list, for sometime. I just came onto your blog and saw that there were new posts: )

    Masha Allaah great to know she is reading English and Arabic well. How do you teach her to read Arabic?

  4. Wa Alaikummusalam,
    It seems blogger has some issues that comes up every now and then, it could be due to some technical reasons in there, hope it gets resolved soon.

    I began her Arabic reading with the Q'aida teaching to prepare her to read quran first, I didn't teach her as introducing new language, and before I began the teaching, she was fluent in the Arabic letters, thanks to youtube, lol. So alhamdulilla as she's almost done with the Q'aida,alhamdulila. She can now read Arabic and attempts to read them too, masha Allah


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