Zakath Box

We have been qatar for past few weeks..and might stay on due to family emergency..insha allah...And jus lik sis saj we too had been fight summer flus and etc etc..still not recovered..Alhamdulillah hu had a chance to do few of her circle time and quaran with razzan( HER COUSIN).
So cousin razzan and hu had been learning a bit of ramadan and more charity connected with it..and hu who had learnt of zakath when we did five pillars of islam..was excited at the prospect of a zakath box..i dont have many pics.. but this is what we did

First the kids painted on used handmade paper..making dots with earbuds...i had to have them occupied for some time!then they carefully took to show their ummamama ( hu's peternal grandmother)and let it dry there for some time.

My MIL had lots of old cartons and fit for their age(small :))so we wrapped them like gift boxs but the top part we tied like a candy wrapper and made a hole on the side with a knife for the money to go in; the kids helped in sticking the cellotape..
We talked about poor children and how we should give them Allah would reward us...the prospect of being good and earning money was novel for both so they tried to be good as much as they could!


  1. Welcome To Qatar! : ) Nice project masha Allaah!

  2. jazzakallah khair...your idea of a journal is very ambtious for a kid mimoona's age!she is very advanced in most things masha allah and ur a very hard working mom!..

  3. Jazzakillaah Khayr sis for your encouragement. Insha Allaah let's see how it goes with journalling. I hope she gets the concept of it Insha Allaah!


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