Ramadan Activity 6: Melted Crayon Craft

It's been awhile since we did something out of ordinary art and craft session, with Ramadan in, it was kind of hard to fit in those messy fun session. Anyhow the other day we were invited for an Iftar party at my uncle's house, and had quiet some time free, or as I thought!!So off we set to do something crazy, and these sessions are what my little girl loves too, as it is always new and challenging for her.

There were lot of broken crayons lying around, and I was thinking to get rid of them, that's when I found amazing crafts that can be done with broken crayons or break and create :). You know I don't throw anything fast and this is what we did.

We needed lot of crayon shavings in different colors so that the result will be vivid and colorful. By sharpening the crayons with a pencil sharpener and hand shredder we created those shavings. Make sure you take extra care when using the latter as the crayons were too small in size compared to my hand shredder, that tiny fingers of my little one almost got scraped, yes I said "almost", so nothing serious الحمد لله.

Put the crayon shaving between a wax paper or butter paper, the kind that is used in lining the tin cake. and baking cookies.

Press it on with a hot iron (parent needed in here). You can see the crayon melting and getting all bubbly and blending along.

Let it cool down from mere seconds to few minutes. Then cut it out in desired shapes. Then peel of the wax paper from both sides.
If the melted crayon is not thick enough, you should take extra care when cutting and peeling as it would tend to break fast.

As we are in Ramadan mode ,we made shapes related to Ramadan like the crescent moon and star in here, were yellow green and blue were blended for the moon and orange and yellow with a bit of pink and glitter for the star. The moon surface even look realistic!

And a Masjid using brown and red.

My little princess, stick them and labeled them too. :)

By the time we were done with these few shapes , the time was already out as we had to clean up and get ready to go for the Iftar party. And I thought I would have plenty of time :)!! I thought we were done with the broken crayons but it seems there is still handful of them lying around...oh well!!


  1. As salaamu alaykum Safiya will try this next week inshaAllah!

  2. Wa alaikumussalam,
    Glad to see you stopping by and we surely would like to see what you did with your little ones :)

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