Ramadan Activity 5: Qura'an

I don't think I consider it as a Ramadan activity only but it will be lifetime activity hopefully insha Allah. Never thought when I first began teaching my little princess will I be able to do it. But alhamdulilla, beginning this Ramadan she began her Quran reading by her own (with help from her me every now and then). She read Surat Al-Ikhlas on her own from the holy book, Ma sha Allah. Once she was done reading the Sura', you could see the gleam of happiness coming from her eyes and drawing a pretty smile on to her small tender face. Subhan Allah, the joy from reading Allah's book was wonderful and amazing, it always was and it always will be.

When I first began my teaching journey, my first intention was to get her read the holy quran before everything else, and yes she did achieve it by the grace of the almighty. I never stressed out on any other subjects as much as I stressed on this. With the learning to read Quran, What did she achieve? Read Quran and read Arabic... :) Alhamdulilla. And as she knows few Sura's after hearing the recitation of Shaykh Muhammad Siddîq al-Minshâwî's alMoalem Qiraat, and its the one of the best and simple qiraa't for little kids to listen and learn. You can listen to this beautiful recitation from TV Quran, Insha Allah. It guided her slowly along with the reading flow. Subhan Allah at the the little age as four she was able to do it. And it will one of the most precious and memorable event ever for her as well us her parents :)

To teach her the basic of reading I use Ahasanul Qawaa'id that is published by IDARA, Idara Ishaat-E-Diniyat, New Delhi. Its beautifully printed in a very appealing way for children with different color coding that can be easy for them to learn. They have got lot of collection of amazing books with them.
I'd like to take notice, I hereby am not endorsing on their products or am advertising for them but just sharing my thought and that's all.

Usually when kids turn to 3 1/2 to 4 years, everyone's concern would be aren't they going to go to school and learn ABC's and later on when they reach 6 or 7 do they even think of teaching the Quran by finding a tutor or an "ustad" if they don't find one then its kept in dark till another is found. It might not be wrong, but it is how we emphasis on what is most important for our kids to learn.
And besides the reward for teaching someone to read quran' is a lifetime reward, each time they read you will also get the reward from Allah, why let it go for someone else??


  1. Mabroook! To both u and lil princess lol....now I am seriously motivated to work on hu's qaida which was seriously lag ging since Qatar trip...please include us in ur Duas to reach where you have and to attain the total rica of allah this Ramadan insha allah

  2. Jazaki Allah, Do take a little by little and let hu take the time to grasp the pronunciation correctly and she is very well kinda confident in reading in each page, and In sha Allah with time she'll be able to read the Quran in no time :)

  3. Masha Allaah great achievement. May Allaah bless both of you. Well done. Yes indeed children small as three can read the Book of Allaah for sure if we put effort Insha Allaah and I can see it in your little princess. Barakallaah Feeki. Maimoonah has started reading too masha Allaah, but lot more to go. SHe can read all the fatha letter words now masha Allaah and she is pretty fast in picking, if only she could be sitting for a while she would learn more: ) she has become very mischievous these days: )and talks too much too!! hugs for the little princess!

  4. Jazaki Allah, Yes what ever we put effort in as long as its in Allah's name it will never go astray, and Alhamdulilla for the blessing he had given me and my little one. You too sister Umm Maimoonah, Ma sha Allah you are teaching your little one amazing things, that sometimes I envy if I could teach like that :)!! but alhamdulilla each of us are having different styles in achieving what we are doing, and strive for the best of it. I know my little princess is restless sometimes that although questions in the world will come up to her only when its learning time, after all they are kids aren't they :)


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