Ramadan Activity 7: Ramadan Iftar Sheet

This activity is not new and you can see it mostly on any Islamic homeschooling blog, I think :). As my brain was in idle period due to bout of migraine and a very bad toothache :( wanted to do something with my little princess that didn't require much of speaking and out put from me!!

We collected the few magazines and those Advertising sheets that has been sitting in our magazine rack and cut out pictures from them like different view for the sky, carpet and rug, and of course different kind of food and drinks. Then gave my little princess A4 sheets and asked her to paste pictures related to the Iftar scene and this is what she did.

Selected this image saying this is how sky looks during Maghreb time and described it with orange in color and we first lay the food mat to prepare for iftar time.

This is how her iftar layout would be like, dates, water, lots of fruits, nuts, sammoosa's and basboosa (a middle eastern sweet), she said she wont have the whole of the basboosa but just the almonds from the top and rest of it for me to eat :)! Labelled the sheet as "iftar" and she put numbers to each image according to order she will have them and yes ما شاء اللّه, she labelled the dates as 1 and followed it by water as 2, and the rest follows.

These were the pictures that were left out saying those are not for Iftar. :)بالهناء والشفاء.


  1. Great! Love the idea. She has really done well masha Allaah. May Allaah make it easy for you!

  2. Jazaki Allah, for the lovely comment. Alhamdulilla much better now :)


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