Ramadan Activity 8: Ramadan Windsock

Although we are half way thru Ramadan *sob*, it doesn't mean we can't have any more Ramadan decorations around, right :)! So for our craft we used mainly recyclable materials available with us. Did I say recyclable?, yes I do love it when I can do something with waste materials.

The original idea for this craft was from Umm SAAK's blog, educating the muslim child, you can check out the original post from here .

We found this empty Toblarone chocolate box in our recycle corner and it had the design to match with the Ramadan theme.

There were lot of left over color papers from our previous craft, so we teared them up and filled up the box.

Then we scanned thru the ad pages and magazines to get pictures and words related to Ramadan. Decorated the box with these cut out pictures using a bit of "podge modge", and felt flowers. And stripped papers that were left out from my quilling project.

So here's our "windsock" hanging in our entry hallway, couldn't find anywhere else to hang, so living on top floor, 10th floor I say I was scared to hang it outside our window, just looking down *gulp* is so scary.

Somehow I feel there is light being illuminated from the "fanoos" or the lanternand it glows in the dark, don't you?


  1. nice mashallaah tanks for sharing.

  2. Jazakum Allah both "Anonymous" and Sister Umm Maimoonah :)

  3. Asalaam 'Alaikum:

    You did a wonderful job - it looks beautiful, masha'Allah.

    Asalaam 'Alaikum,
    Sumayyah Umm SAAK

  4. Wa alaikissalam sister Sumayyah,
    Happy to see you stopping by our blog and glad that you liked our windsock, Jazaki Allah.



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