Ramadan Umrah Trip

Alhamdulillah we did umrah over the weekend and it was totally spirtualy uplifting ,thought provoking and very educative time for both hu and me...
It made think of all the mushkil that nabi saw and the sahaba had to go though to get the blessed deen across to us..maan life with out AC is a museebah for us..but subhanallah they bore all this heat in top of hunger and other physical harresment...radiallahu anhum wa raduanh!
The mathaf was full! even at asr..yes my poor children did suffer the heat but both me and my husband told little hu of the rewards that allah has kept for her for being cooperative...i carried her a little and she walked the rest as we pictured jannah with dimonds and pretty dresses and crowns.. and ofcourse cool air.. and cold water..and seven uplol( which all seemed so important in that intense heat...now i can relate to why koran talks of coolness so much...)..And also the reward for fasting in intense heat being much higher...
alhamdulillah on the whole the experice was wonderful and i saw barkath of many a dua...
Hu also experinced a bitter life lesson of people stealing! my husband's slippers got stolen twice and she just could not figure why people would do that...i learnt a much major lesson of patience from my husband. He masha allah never uttered a word of complaint and prayed to alllah for hidayath of all ..he told me we the are ummah of muhammad saw who is the prophet of mercy and that we should follow his sunnah of being patient .

The tharweeh prayers were lovely as well ; we had done a small activity making a fun kit for hu to use while We prayed..masha Allah on the whole she was lovely young lady and even prayed a bit..of and on and read fathiha with the imam...I truly believe that such trips are more educational than textual knowledge... We had mostly sat in the basement which ment she did see safa and Marwa and we also talked of the story of Ibrahim ( as). The last time we did umrah it was not this packed and she had got a good view of maqam e Ibrahim and ruqnul yamin and even hajrul Azwad. This time we refreshed the memory by taking a first floor view. Masha allah she remembers most and has also learnt the the dua rabbana athina...


  1. Assalaamu alaikum!

    Masha Allaah, May Allaah accept your Umrah and reward you abundantly! Jazzakillaah Khaur for the post!

  2. Assalamaleikum, I came across your blog while searching for tips to perform Umrah with little children during Ramadan.I am planning to do umrah during Ramadan this year InshaAllah. I know with lillte kids it's going to be extremely difficult but my heart is longing badly to go there. Please keep me in your prayers.

  3. Wa alaikumsalam,
    Jazaki Allah, may Allah ease your trip and accept your deeds. It might look its going to be a big hurdle with kids around, but subhan Allah you'll see how easy and mind pleasing experience its going to be, in sha Allah.


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