The Indian lessons part1 Hu and harvesting

Asslamaualikum ya akhawaath...i have tons of things that i need to record here, espesially the life lessons we learnt as a family. My parents live in trivandrum in the same house i grew up, i love them and the house very much...its my thory that each house has a chareecdter of its own:) lol..Anyways..the grounds are quite large and my dad has been into farming a loot this time...ok i wont exagirate its a rather largish vegetable patch...

hu with grandparents off to a harvest

from the day we got her my parents have been taking hu to harvest very every time we step out to the garden these days hu requests to 'harvest' fruits or vegetable she sees

sal at harvesting ....learing lessons young

hu with the harvest

a harvest done....bounties of Allah....


  1. How amazing to find a fellow Trivandrumite! My house is in Poojapura though settled in Bangalore now-- awesome blog
    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V


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