ALHAMDULILLAH I consider myself very blessed as i have got a kindergarten school right in the compound with pretty much what i want hu to learn...i dont think any other school in the whole kingdom would have as many ++++ from me as this one. They do basic kindegarten stuff in 3 languages.. arabic , english and french...they have about 2 hours in english and arabic and french for an hour...ALHAMDULILLAH they do small surah thahfeez and adaab of most things and names of Allah etc...but my main reason for sending her to school is to be exposed to native speakers..and pick up as much spoken arabic as she can...insha allah..I cannot do it and its best make use of the country and its resourses while we can....i did tons of isthikha before i made this big move insha allah i hope allah would kabool our hajaath as its for his saake we are doing this......but5 yet still hu can do waaay beyond what they teach at school so insha allah i am going to have an islamic and backup home school plan for her and others like her..who have to go to school for some reason or other...

The basic things that we intend to do is more thahfeez and more arabic based on two qaidas we follow...we wont be doing vocalblary as i am going to leave it to the school insha allah for now
We are insha allah going to do more stories and histories of sahaba and ambiya insha allah..may be pillars and arkaan of islam
more english based reading masha allah she can read if she puts her she has done tons of starfall
maybe bit more of math insha allah


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