3D Paper Ball

Yes back to our crafty mood and have got this lovely craft to share with you all. While going through my pintrest board, a beautiful 3D ball caught my eyes, it was beautiful and couldn't resist trying it out with my lil princess as the craft was available with a template and steps to follow. So here is what we did.

First printed out the templates on different shade of paper to have a colorful ball. It was the cutting the took the time, so I wondered if I had silhouette cutter then everything would have been done in seconds! But alhamdulilla ala kulli hal, we enjoyed the cutting process with the scissors after a very long time!

Then came the much work of cutting the templates out so we sat there cutting the templates out. and there were loads of colorful scraps left over from it!

Then set out to work connecting the little cut out flowers like a jigsaw puzzle, although I admit it was quiet difficult for my lil  princess to do but she enjoyed it and loved the colorful balls she got in the end.

 The end product was really nice that it can be used in so many ways as a decoration for your table or can be hung as a mobile or even in your car. as I used an ordinary printing paper it is not advisable to us it as a lamp shade but using cardstock it makes a beautiful lamp shade too.

So why not give it a try, you can get the templates for the 3D paper ball from this link, insha Allah. It includes templates for 3 different sizes small, medium and large if you'd like to make lamp shade out of it.


  1. mabrook! i love that insha allah must try sm day...cld u add the the link so that we can also print the template

  2. The link is there at the end of the post but anyhow here it is if you like to try it out :)


  3. Assalaamu Alaikum!

    Oh nice to see you back. As I told you before blogger does not alert about a new post on your blog! Wonder why. So I just thought I will check and see if you are back and so this wonderful post! Great idea Insha Allaah will try this out with Maimoonah! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wa alaikumusalam

    Jazaki Allah, I know this blogger has glitches every now and then but glad to see you around. Hope you will have fun doing it with your girl :)!


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