FOR LOVE OF THE WRITTEN WORD...في حب الكلمة المقروءة

I love this quote, "FOR LOVE OF THE WRITTEN WORD...في حب الكلمة المقروءة". The quote emphasis on the importance of a book and reading to be instilled in a person.

We were back from our vacation by the time of the international book exhibition in here in Sharjah. This city is known as the undisputed cultural capital of the Arab world. 2011 marks the 30th anniversary of the Sharjah International Book Fair. It was a 10 event filled with lot of workshops, book releases and of course sales of books from different publishers from around the world. the main point of the exhibition is to promote reading and literacy mainly to the younger generation by making quality books at  affordable prices.

Painting workshops, story reading and live cookery shows were part of the exhibition. Living nearby to the exhibition center we were able to visit twice in the beginning as well as on the last day. We were able to cover almost all the book stalls and publishers that were in there. The first time we went, we were only able to go to the hall that was dedicated only for children and what a huge collection of it there. Got us all confused on what to get and from where to buy!! Was really feast for mind as well as eyes if you are book lover like me :)!

We were able to see some of the cookery shows and that were in there. One of the cooking demo was on Japanese dish, for someone like me and my lil princess who never experienced the taste of real Japanese food it was an experience to see and taste it, and knew it was not our cup of tea :)!!

Some of the books that were bought from the exhibition 
Well in the end of the day the food was not the matter but we came out few books richer especially my lil princess. And here little library has grown bigger as well as her interest in reading too, alhamdulilla& ma sha Allah.

This is here little library, I organized them on to CD basket which we got long back from a bargained warehouse sale. Beautifully colored them out to go along with her books and its easy to carry them around to put near you while reading and keeping it back on the rack!

For some reason this blogger is really driving crazy, not able to place the images the way I want ...ugh!!

Well then till our next post, take care!!


  1. O I really really really wish they had this kind of Book fair in Doha, this time according to many the Doha Book Fair was a flop! And I do not see any English Books here! I really wish they would learn from the Sharjah Book fair and organize something similar Insha Allaah! I so miss the books! Lovely books masha Allaah!

  2. Jazaki Allah, We have another book exhibition coming up in few months time dedicated wholly for the kids, can't wait for that and guess need to save up too Insha Allah.


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