Monogram Painting

Sorry gone on a break again, it's that I got busy little with the arrival of my cousin all the way from the US and whom we haven't seen for more than 2 years. We had been jet setting all over the place, with gatherings and visits to here and there. And besides I have other side projects I needed to work on. Anyway to get to our today's story this is what I and my little princess had done a while a ago.

I am an organizing freak, I don't know if I had told all you about that earlier, but yes I get in a mood to redo and "re-organize" my stash of hobbies and creativity stuffs every now and then. As I was going thru them I came open a small canvas I had bought a while ago with some crazy ideas I had in my mind, but I guess those ideas flew away and wasn't executed, I might have to rewind my memory for the craft slot what the idea was :)....hate to leave something un implemented! :D!

This is what we did with the canvas we had now:

Printed out a large letter and cut out the letter, that will be our silhouette to paint, I used the country button font to print the letter M.

Stick the letter to the canvas. Using out butterfly and flower punch, we punched out few of theses shapes and stick them too on to the canvas.

Then my princess was to to paint the whole of canvas, and I realized am running low in my painting bottles and need to replenish them soon.

Before the paint dried out we sprinkled little bit of glitter onto it....well umm I guess little it is. Then using glitter marker drew along the border of the letter and filled it out with little, no  more glitter I guess :)!

And here's our little canvas standing up gazing down to us and its the only image I got of this activity, as the rest of it were deleted by lil princess it seems :(!!

Did you like it? If so do leave us a comment on it, it cheers us and encourages us to do more :). Till next time  take care and remember in you Dua'as.


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