Siblings Get Together....Part 2

Sorry for the delay, I was on kind of writers block again, I guess the chilly days in here is making me out lazy. So to continue on from where we stopped in our part 1, the next day we had a ride in the Dubai Metro, yes metro is nothing new and it has been around a while in lot of countries around the world, but what makes Dubai metro special? It has got a "WORLD RECORD" of its own! now didn't I tell you this is the city of superlatives ;)!

Dubai Metro is a fully automated driverless metro network. It is the longest fully automated rail system in the world! You can have a complete view of Dubai in just 45 minutes and get to your destination without the hassle of the traffic jams on the road!

We rode all the way to Ibn Batutta Mall which is almost near to the end of Dubai city, the distance from our place is more than one hour's drive and we reached there hardly by 45 minutes!

Ibn Battuta mall, the world’s largest themed shopping mall, as the name goes, it was designed and themed on the countries that were visited by the world famous Muslim traveler and explorer Ibn Battuta. The mall is split into six main courts: China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia, and Andalusia.

The China Court, the interiors of this portion of the mall depicts typical Chinese interior elements and motifs like that of dragons etc. and adds to the heritage of Chinese architecture, tradition and culture.The china court features a mock up of an old style Chinese sail ship.

The India Court showcases and exhibits cultural elements of the Indian subcontinent. Elaborate with extensive details of the typical South Asian interior elements, this part of the mall is accredited to the South Asian architectural style. It includes as a centrepiece a modern full-size working reproduction of an Elephant Clock, an Islamic invention consisting of a water-powered clock in the form of an elephant.

The Persian court features extensive Persian motifs and a wonderfully decorated domed ceiling of Persian Style.

 In the Egypt Court pyramids and fairy tales, hieroglyphics and temples, kings and queens adorns its wall– Egypt Court brings to life the wonder and romance of its ancient history and leads visitors on a journey of discovery.

The Tunisia Court is covered in blue skies and white fluffy clouds guide the way through 14th century inspired Tunisia Court.
Andalusia Court grand in style, convenient in design. The centre-piece of Andalusia Court is its magnificent Lion Fountain, inspired by the Fountain of Lions in Alhambra.

As we were enjoying the architecture of this mall we missed one of our gang member and had to look for him around, but alhamduilla we found him fast although imagine missing and losing a kid in a big rush Mall! The poor boy was taken care of one of the sale shops man in front of toy store and when the sales man asked for phone number to reach his parent the poor boy gave his dads cell no in Qatar which of course was unreachable!!

The next stop on our trip is the Arabian Wildlife Centre, is the only ‘zoo’ in Arabia which exhibits all the animals naturally occurring in the Arabian Peninsula, both current and extinct. The walk-through aviary allows you to get close to the birds and smaller animals. The kids had fun feeding the animals but by the time they were done with feeding the animals and riding ponies, the time was already up and couldn't explore the rest of the park which included the larger mammals who roam freely in an open environment.

So off we went to Fujairah, spent the evening there and came back next day morning back to Dubai via a new road which is a tunnel between the mountains!

We will stop our tour for this part now and will be back in 3rd part insha Allah soon if not hit with writers' block :)!


  1. I am glad mariyam and humairah are coversant with names such as ibin bathutha...and is awre of this great Islamic marco polo


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