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We have been out of action for awhile now, it's not that I am out of ideas but I got a bit of selfish and have been spending time on some of my passion and adult craft time. Lil princess was spending time in her own world of creativity too. Sometimes I guess we need our own space, dunno about you, but for me yes I do. I had been an introvert kind of person for a very long time and have it still in me, I guess that's why I like to spend it in my cocoon!!

In  this post I would like to share my first ever sewing project. Oh ya, I got a sewing machine as a gift from my big sis, you know she had been here for awhile during Eid time. Now she wanted to gift me with something, so gave me an option of either a microwave or a sewing machine. I am a no no person for a microwave oven as I don't like using it in my cooking and food cooked by microwave and convection heating doesn't come out as tasty as a normal electric oven. The sewing machine, I have been saving up and preparing a good work area for it when my sister gave me this option as a gift and I happily accepted the sewing machine. I had been using it only to mend and sew torn dress or so since I got it and I hadn't set my work space too.... now that my work space for my own space time have been set up, I love to spend more time in there.
Quilting always fascinated me, yes I said it correct it's "Quilting" this time not "Quilling" :)......And seeing all those beautiful self made baskets on the pintrest triggered me on to try a small organizing basket. I for one thing don't like spending money buying these organizers from the shops, and like to make my own. I use shoe boxes and cereal boxes altered for my storage and i  wanted to try out creating fabric ones, as they would be good to organize perfumes and scented oils if they get stained it can always be washed but if its a cardboard box there is no other option but to throw it away.....oops am blabbering a lot in here it seems!!

Anyhow here is what I had done:

To make one basket, you'll need two cotton rectangles of the same size (one for exterior, one for interior) and one piece of cotton batting ( I get my craft and sewing materials back from my hometown as its much cheaper and have wide varieties too) that is just a little larger than the other two.

Align the wrong side of the interior piece and with the batting. Quilt as desired. I did mine diagonal cross hatch quilted, as what you see in most quilt work. I marked a line from one corner to the point where it's 6" from the other corner. Quilt along the line. If you're machine came with a seam guide tool then its a great help during quilting. This quilter accessory is such a big help! I sew while guiding the quilter over the previous row of stitching. And it gives you an even and equal distance between each line.

Once you are done with one side, make a perpendicular line same as previous and do the same. After that cut of the excess, fold in half the piece with right sides together lengthwise and sew both short edges. Box of the corner by marking where the seam line is at 1 1/4" from both sides. Sew along the marked line, cut off the corner and leave a small seam allowance. Do the same with the exterior piece. 

Then with right sides together, place the exterior inside the interior. Match seams and pin in place. Sew just about 3" away from the seam leaving about 1 1/2" wide opening. Turn the right side out from the opening. Finally top stitch all around the basket and top-stitching four corners..

Here is my sewed organizers, the clothes I used in stitching them were piece of cloth that was a leftover from stitching a dress for my mother and "old" dress of mine which is still "new" :)! They can make also as a simple gift! I feel like making a big basket, what do you think? Looking forward for your comments.....


  1. Assalaamu Alaikum!
    Masha Allaah nice idea. And well done. It looks beautiful! I am 0 in sewing lol, but I guess if you have a thicker version it might hold more stuff especially like paints and oil bottles. Just my two scents: ) Barakallaah Feekum, so then we can see lots of sewing projects coming up from you via sewing machine Insha Allaah!!!

  2. Wa alaikumsalam,
    Jazaki allah sister for dropping by and for your lovely comment. The batting stuffing is not quiet heavy but rather thin one as I just used what was available with me for if I wait till I get the correct materials the ideas will be long flown away from the window :)....hopefully to share more sewing projects soon!


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