Japanese Origami Crane Workshop

A cultural exchange program between the UAE and Japan with the collaboration of "Juki" to attract the youth and promote a cultural exchange to support the cause of “tsunami and nuclear crisis” in Japan was held at Maraya Art Center. 1,000 messages were written and folded in the famous origami shape of the crane, were produced and will be shipped to Japan.

As staying nearby to the center we were able to attend this wonderful workshop and meet very cheerful Japanese Muslim sisters.
The center was beautifully adorned with these paper cranes and hearts here and there.

The workshop was conducted beautifully and the time spent with them were amazing.

My lil princess enjoyed the origami session and had fun with the other Japanese kids that attended. We made loads of them and attached encouraging and well wishing messages onto them.

We were served Japanese green tea along with varieties of sushi's and wasabi dip, yes as I told before it was not my cup of tea, well the tea was good but NO sushi's and wasabi for me :D!!

If you like to try out the origami crane just check out these steps:

For us we almost know how to fold these cranes with our eyes closed. So Gambatte folding :)! 

Till next time Arigato and Sayonara... :)!


  1. Thanks for posting, had forgotten how to fold a crane, but the topic of the article was touching as well. I'm sure the cranes really helped to bring a bit of cheer and happiness with their messages.


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