Quilled Wall Hanging

As I told in my earlier post I had been spending some time on my own craft time and this time it's "quilling" not "quilting", yes you read it right it's quill with a "L" and not with a "T" :).

A niece of mine was searching for a unique gift to give to her teacher, that's where I popped in and said I will make you a unique gift for the special teacher of hers.

So out with my quilling paper strips and needle of we set to make this piece of art.

Flowers in making :)!

And here's the final product

The background was of a broken wall hanging of mine, I cleaned it throughly and stick my quilled pieces onto it! I really wanted to create something on it for awhile and this was a perfect piece for it! In the center of the flowers I stuck a jewel, that was bought long ago, I see with quilling every single thing can be utilized whether its recycle or with a new item....watch out for my quilled recycled item soon :)

Hope you liked it too, looking forward for your comments :).

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